Brother 1_editA few weeks after my son was born, the flu was running its way through daycare. I decided to keep my daughter home with me and DS and we decided to play with the camera. My daughter wanted to pose with her brother and have me take pictures. I am so glad we did it, because the photos turned out so cute. Now 2 years later they still love each other and DS thinks his big sister is his hero.

This project was inspired by the April main challenge at More than Words. It was such a bold challenge – with black and white plus one.


For me, the dream is being the mom to these two and seeing the two of them love each other so much. I always tell them, especially when they get sassy with one another, that they should always be nice to one another because they belong to each other. They will always be family and will always be there for one another.

Here are some closeups!


I was recently at a scrapbook and stamping show and they had silver and gold gilding flakes. OMG!! Are the addictive and fun. They make a mess – but it was fun to draw your own design and shapes with fine line glue and then adhere the flakes. Once the glue dried the excess flakes are removed and voila, beautiful sparkly silver gilding design on your paper.

Thank you all for looking!