I am finally back after a crazy summer!!! Some highlights include – DH and I are expecting our second child in February. DD is a very excited future big sister.

DH accepted a new job that meant we had to relocate, but after getting there realized that it wasn’t what he thought it was. So we had to get our old jobs back and get out of a house sale – luckily we were able to get all that accomplished. And finally, our lives have gotten back to normal so I can create beautiful things again!!!

Here is my latest project for last week’s CSI Challenge #141.

Cruisin with Chuck E Cheese

The one thing that I wanted to mention – scrapbooking can seem like an overwhelming hobby to get into sometimes. There are so many products and so much money that can be spent. But you can also make beautiful pages relatively inexpensively. The papers used on this layout are from my initial scrapbooking stash building where I purchased a bunch of paper packs from Walmart for $5 each.

The fabric is cheesecloth that I purchased from the kitchen section at the grocery store. I think I got 5 yards for $5.

The gears and flowers are embellishments that I made myself (now this is somewhat of an investment in dies and machines, but once you have them you can use them indefinitely).

And of course acrylic stamps which are cheaper than wood block stamps and also more versatile. You can mount them to an acrylic block to get the whole image very defined, or use your finger to roll them on for a partial image (this is what I did here).

Thank you for taking a look!!